Saturday, November 17, 2012

Homework for 11/17-11/23

Hello Candidates and Parents -

If this is your first visit to this blog, be sure to read my older posts so you know what to expect from my 7:15AM Class, get a copy of the Forms Cards (my cheat sheets) and some helpful hints.  

If you are a candidate under the age of 18, please be sure to have your parents signup for this blog so they can be part of your support team on this journey and can check through any external links I provide like 100 pushups.

HOMEWORK for 11/17-11/23
1.  Get all 15 forms on video tape as a base line.  This is a long hard journey and most of your progress will happen slowly.  Over the next 19 weeks your strength, endurance, technique and memory will all be improving - when you are feeling like you aren't making much progress go back to this tape and see how far you've already come.  

2.  Most of you are behind on getting forms checked off.  If you fall in that group, get some privates and get caught up.  

3.  Work on your "Crunches 5 Ways" and Bridges to strengthen ALL your core muscles.  If you are struggling with these, start at 20 each (total of 100) for this week and add 5 each week until you hit 50 of each.  Start with 5 Bridges at 8 count and add as you gain strength.
- 1. Reach for the sky with knees in standard crunch position
- 2. Bum on the ground, knees to Left side and head the opposite way for lats
- 3. Bum on the ground, knees to Right side and head to opposite way for lats
- 4. Knees crossed and flat on the ground to work your lower abs
- 5. Full sit ups 

Bridges - get up and hold for 8 count then pulse for 8 count = 1 bridge.

4.  Make sure you are doing good lock outs on your kicks when you practice your forms.  This will help strengthen your legs and you need to do it to get forms checked off.

5.  Work on your Front Stances.  Make sure your feet are straight with toes forward and heels straight back.  Make sure your back leg is straight and you have a good distance between your feet, deep enough to kick out of and wide enough to maintain good balance.  (Roughly 1 shoulder width apart and 1.5 shoulder widths in front. Depth of the stance is changed by lowering your hips to the floor and bending the front knee.)

6.  Work on arm strength in your forms.  Remember the great angles that Mr. Craig showed you on inside blocks and back fists - these should be at the end of your power zone, not too close in and not so far out that you have no power left.  Keep those arm muscles tight when doing forms.  It will help with the "striking" we talk about and it will help with pushups.

7.  Keep those hands above your belt on Palchugi forms during kicks.  Anything below your belt is enemy territory that will prevent you from getting a Palchugi checked off.

8.  Continue to work on your weekly requirements - practice your forms 3 times a week, do your pushups 3 times a week, run at least 3 times a week, do your abs 3 times a week and keep up with those multiple round kicks.  On off days quiz yourself on forms so you get them in your memory as quickly as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS to these One-Step Winners!

The contest is on to see who will have the most one step wins!  There will be a prize for the First degree candidate and a prize for the 2nd and above candidate!

Just so you know, the candidates last time who consistently won One-Step are current Black Belts now.  That is the ultimate prize of this game BUT I'm going to be giving incentives too!

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