Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 24th November

4 days until the next red rope challenge.  

Are you getting ready to cross that line?

Questions for Saturday, 24th November week #18.
1. Have you gone out to the new blog and read through the class syllabus and other materials?

2.  If you are under 18, have you had your parents add the blog to their reader or signup for it so they can be part of your support team on your journey?  Make sure they read all the posts so they understand the commitment you are undertaking with your Black Belt journey and their role in helping you accomplish that goal.

3.  Have you done your "Crunches 5 ways" and your 100 pushups at least 2 times this week?

4.  Did you practice all 15 of your forms 3 times this week?

5.  Did you video tape your forms for a baseline?

6.  Do you have Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh checked off?

7.  If not, do you have private lessons scheduled in order to get these three forms checked off.

8.  Did you arrive on time for this class at 7:15AM with something in your stomach, your bags prepped with sneakers and supplies like water or snack, ready to warm up for a long morning of working out?

9.  Have you worked on writing and practicing your board breaks this week?

10.  Have you begun working on your weapons form?

11.  Did you run at least 2 times this week?

12.  Are you determined, committed and willing to persevere to achieve your Black Belt no matter the amount of time it will take to accomplish that goal?

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