Tuesday, November 27, 2012

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 8th December Week#16

Hello TKD friends -

Whoops!  I forgot the annual sale is going on this Saturday, December 1st so there will be no regularly scheduled class.  I'll be there helping out Instructor Marcia, picking up a couple of new sweet smelling t-shirts and renewing my yearly membership but there will be no One-Step questions THIS week.

Because we are having a week in between, I am extending the offer of a PRIZE for getting across the rope on the next One-Step.  Anyone who would like to step up to the plate and commit to getting across at our next rope session, comment on this blog post by Saturday, 1st December with your first name and I will add you to the potential prize list.  Remember - you ONLY get a prize if you commit to crossing the rope by the deadline and then FOLLOW THROUGH and get across!

Here are the One-Step questions for Saturday, 8th December week #16 until the pre-test.

1.  I did my full 15 forms 6 times over the last two weeks (that is 3 times a week).  If you are unsure about the upper belt forms - check out my forms cards by clicking here.

2.  I did my "Crunches 5 Ways" and bridges at least 4 times in the last two weeks. (Click here to see the previous post for information on Crunches 5 Ways and bridges.)

3.  I did my 100 pushups at least 4 times in the last two weeks.

4.  I practiced my inside blocks, outside blocks, high blocks, knives and double knives in a mirror 6 times in the last two weeks.

5.  I've practiced my running 4 times in the last two weeks.

6.  I've practiced the common courtesies of the dojo each time I've been there for the last two weeks.  This includes bowing in and out of the doors, bowing in and off the mats, responding "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" to your instructors, lining up in belt order, and if you arrive late going to the back of the line even if you are a high belt.

7.  I am caught up with all my forms - I have Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh checked off.

8.  I have my board breaks written and I am ready to perform them at the Saturday, 8th December class.

9.  I am working on my weapons form (this can be watching martial arts films, using the internet to watch forms, purchasing DVD's, checking out books or simply writing up moves you like to do with your weapon).  Due 12th January.

10.  I have been doing the Hamstring stretch from the past week's homework in order to get a better Ax kick and prevent injury.

11.  I have done at least 200 consecutive round kicks on the bags at the dojo or at home (you can use pillows) at least 3 times in the last two weeks.

12.  I arrived on time for this class at 7:15AM prepared in body and bag for a full morning of working out.

14.  My parent/guardian/significant other is part of my support team and helping me achieve my Black Belt goal.  If your parent is reading this with you then YES, they are your support team!

15.  I am determined, committed and willing to persevere to achieve my Black Belt no matter the amount of time it will take me to accomplish that goal.   

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