Saturday, December 29, 2012

One-Step Questions for Week #12 - 1/5/13

Welcome to the NEW YEAR!  Raise you fist, pump it in the air and  give a big Boo-Yah if you are going to become a Black Belt or get a New Degree in 2013!  

We are now officially in the last half of the time you have left to train.  Its time to start pushing yourself a little harder each week and increase your fitness and endurance for the pre-test. I hope to see you ALL on the winning side of the Red Rope this week and wearing a new belt in 16 weeks!


1.  I ran the full 1.5 miles 1 time this week and logged my time.  In addition I had one other running training session (can be interval training or other training) this week.

2.  I did my 100 consecutive pushups 2 times this week and timed myself.

3.  I have done 300 consecutive multiple round kicks on the bag 3 times this week.

4.  I have done 40 each of "crunches 5 ways" plus 7 bridges at 8 count 3 times this week.

5.  I have physically practiced all 15 of my forms 3 times each this week.

6.  I have mentally run all 15 of my forms 2 times this week.

7.  I have done air sparring or partner sparring for two 2 minute sessions with a 30 second break between.  Total of 4 minutes.

8.  I have 40 or more moves to my weapons form and I have practiced them. (Completed form due next week 1/12)

9.  I have asked a peer, a current Black Belt or an Instructor to watch me do my weapons form to give suggestions.

10.  I have Taeguek Il Jang checked off.  (Taegeuks Il, Sam and Oh are due on 1/19). 

11.  I have video taped myself doing Taegeuk Il, Sam and Oh this week and am improving my Taeguek forms for check off.

12.  I have video taped myself doing Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh this week and am performing these forms at the same level or better than I was required to perform them in order to get them checked off.

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