Monday, January 7, 2013

Heads up for all those who attend my Saturday classes

Hi Everybody -

I don't usually give you a heads up on what my plans are beyond the One-Step questions but this week I want to make sure you all have the information necessary to make the choice to succeed this week.  Success is a choice - it is showing the perseverance, the dedication and the commitment to do what is necessary to become what you want to be which in our case is a Black Belt or to attain a new degree in May 2013.

I am committing to you to give you the information, resources, tips and techniques I believe will help you successfully navigate the process of becoming a Black Belt.  To use my program management skills to break up the tasks before you into manageable pieces, keep you accountable and help you gain confidence, strength and skill by achieving manageable goals each week.  To be there for you if you have questions.  To have your One-Step questions ready by the end of the weekend so you can have all week to work on them.  To get up early on Saturday and be there for you each week to help you memorize, perform and polish.  In return I ask that you commit to me and to the program that I have created for my class - in other words - commit to getting across the rope.

Now that you understand my goal, my plan for moving forward into the last half of our training time prior to the Pre-test is to break the class into two groups.  Those of you who are committed to May 2013 and crossing the rope will be given more individualized attention to help push you to the next level and help you succeed.

I know several of you are candidates for November 2013 and attending my class.  You are welcome and truly getting a head start will help you understand the process, what will be asked of you and give you a longer lead time on your physical training in order to succeed for November 2013.  I want to emphasize that this class will still be beneficial for you on your journey but as we get close to the Pre-test in all fairness I must focus more attention on those who are actively pursuing May 2013.

This coming Saturday, week #11, those who have crossed the rope will be working on three high belt forms.  The rest of the class will be doing randomized forms using the pull cards.  Getting across the rope is ALWAYS an achievable goal.  There are 11 steps, I almost always have more than 11 questions and the rope is rarely placed all the way at the end.  It is up to you what side of it you want to be on.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post.  I receive instant e-mail notification of any comments left and will get back to you as soon as I can.  You can also speak to me privately prior to class starting or after class on Saturday.

Warm regards,

Ms. Paige


Debbie said...

I was going to ask how to post a comment but just figured out it is by clicking 'no comments.'

Can you please clarify what 'crunches 5 ways' means?


Debbie (Vail's mom)

Paige Dolecki said...

Hi Debbie -

I have a blog post towards the beginning that outlines what crunches 5 ways and bridges are. Go back to the November 17th post and you'll find it. Let me know if you need clarification after reading it.

Ms. Paige