Sunday, January 27, 2013

One-Step Questions for Week #8 - Feb 2, 2013

1.  I have timed myself doing my 100 pushups once this week so I know where I am at for the upcoming requirements check.  In addition, I did 100 non-consecutive pushups focusing on perfect pushups once this week.

2.  I have timed my run once this week so I know where I am for requirments check.

3.  I timed myself doing my 100 good crunches (hands on chest not behind neck, shoulders lifted off the ground) once this week.  

4.  I've done 45 crunches 5 ways twice this week.

5.  I did my 350 multiple rounds kicks on the bag 3 times this week.

6.  I physically practiced my forms 3 times this week.  These are to be done slowly with attention to detail and technique - check stances, foot work, chambers, spotting, timing, intensity, eye-level, etc.  Do them as you would for check off.

7.  I practiced my weapons for 3 times this week.

8.  My self-defense routines are complete, have been reviewed by an Instructor or a current Black Belt and I have one routine memorized and am prepared to demonstrate it.

9.  I have Taeguek Il Jang and Taeguek Sam Jang checked off. (T. Il, Sam and Oh were due on 1/19).

10.  I have Taeguek Oh Jang checked off.

11.  I have at least 5 hours of teaching/assisting credit logged for my requirements.


Nathan said...

Why do I feel like this is is an Evil week where you'll make us do everything on the list in order to pass the red rope?

Paige Dolecki said...

Thanks for the chuckle Nathan!

I don't think I've ever put the rope ALL the way at the end of the dojo when I've only had 11 questions.

I always make sure the One-Step questions are achievable and I never give busy work. Everything I ask will be something that helps with endurance, technique, memorization or requirements. This week is lighter as far as questions because I really want you guys focusing on technique for forms, memorizing your weapons form and getting at least one self-defense combination memorized.

Train hard this week and I'll see YOU ALL across the Red Rope on Saturday!

Ms. Paige