Saturday, January 12, 2013

One-Step Questions for Week #9 - 26th Jan

There will be no class for Week #10 (Sat. 19th January) due to testing.  The following questions will cover 2 weeks of training and take you to Week #9, Saturday 26th January.

1.  I have had two timed runs pushing myself for improvement in the last two weeks and two other non-timed training runs. (Total of 4 runs.)

2.  I have done my 100 pushups 4 times in the past two weeks focusing on perfect pushups.  This can be broken up, not consecutive and not timed but you need to be striving for perfect pushups.  You have a spot check on requirements coming up soon so working on these now will really help you.  Chicken necks don't count.

3.  I have done 300 consecutive multiple round kicks on the bags or pillows 6 times in the past two weeks.  I am keeping this the same number this week so you can work on technique - make sure these are round kicks with belt wagging and not front kicks.  Kicks should be above the line on the bottom of the bag and hitting with the top of your foot.

4.  I have done 40 each of "crunches 5 ways" plus 8 bridges at 8 count 6 times in the last two weeks.  When you crunch up briefly hold the crunch position (1 or 2 seconds) to give your abs an extra workout.  Try stretching your fingers past your toes on your full sit ups to give your hamstrings a stretch (next set of forms has lots of hooks so stretching now will help).

5.  I have physically practiced all 15 of my forms 6 times each in the past two weeks.

6.  I have mentally run all 15 of my forms 4 times in the past two weeks.

7.  I have quizzed myself by writing out or speaking aloud each of my 15 forms one time each over the last two weeks.

8.  I have video taped my weapons form and viewed it for improvements.  Look especially for strong beginnings, strong finishes, adding dynamics, changes in tempo, height variation, etc. 

9.  I have Taeguek Il Jang and Taeguek Sam Jang checked off. (T. Il, Sam and Oh were due on 1/19).

10.  I have Taeguek Oh Jang checked off.

11.  I have two of my Self-Defense routines written down.  I have practiced them with partners to make sure the routines make sense physically and have asked an Instructor or a current Black Belt to view these for input. (Self-Defense is due next week Feb 2nd)

12.  I have worked on my horse stance.  I am not in "Eiffel Tower" position with my legs out and knees straight.  I have my legs roughly shoulder width or slightly greater apart, my knees are bent and toes forward.  I can feel the position in my glutes and in my quads.  Hold this position with your arms in position like the end of Taeguek Chil Jang.  Do 30 seconds with your Right arm out and 30 seonds with your Left arm out.  I did this for 4 sessions in the last two weeks.

13.  I have at least 2 hours of teaching/assisting credit logged for my requirements.

14.  Board Holders and Self-Defense partners are due next week (Feb 2nd).  I have asked at least one person to be a board holder and at least one person to be a Self-Defense partner.

15.  I have video taped myself doing all 15 of my forms to compare it against where I first began.  I have viewed it in order to see where I need to improve (look at stances, holding out kicks, chambers, etc.) but I am also proud of how much I have improved since I began this journey.

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