Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Step Questions for Week #6 - Feb 16th

Item #1 is a MANDATORY requirement for all May 2013 Candidates participating in my class.  Failure to complete step #1 will mean that you are not allowed to participate in the class - you will sit on the sidelines missing valuable training time while you complete this task.  Plus you'll owe me an extra 500 pushups (not kidding so just do it).

1.  I have written down (written,typed or dictated) my game plan for getting all my requirements done and being prepared for the Pre-Test on April 6th.   This can be in outline or in paragraph format.  It doesn't need to be a huge essay or extremely detailed but simply what your strategy/game plan will be based on the assessments you had on Saturday, 2 Feb to be a prepared candidate with all your requirements covered, taping completed and your forms memorized with solid technique. 

You must have TWO copies - one to keep in your binder for your reference and one to turn in to Ms. Paige.  If you are under 18 the turned in copy MUST be signed by a parent or guardian.  You should take this opportunity to discuss with your family what support you'll need over the next 6 weeks.

2.  I have Palchugi Ee and Saw checked off (due Feb 16th).

3.  I have Palchugi Yuk checked off (due Feb 16th).

4.  I did 150 pushups this week broken into 25 pushup segments.  Focus on changing up your style to work different muscle groups.  Try triangles, wide, hands off-set, elbows going straight back, incline (hands up on a chair or bench) or decline (feet up on a low stool or ball), tricep dips off the couch, etc.

5.  I did one set of 100 pushups this week (timing is optional).  If you have trouble with this see my pushups post by clicking HERE.

6.  I practiced sparring this week - minimum of 2 consecutive sessions of 2 minutes each.  Your final requirement for first degree is 3 segments of 2 minutes each.  

7.  I did my 50 crunches 5 ways at least 2 times this week.  Focus on curling your spine like Instructor Jay Lynn and Instructor Leni demonstrated in Saturday's class.

8.  I did my 400 multiple rounds kicks on the bag 3 times this week.

9.  I physically practiced my 15 forms at least 3 times this week.  One time was random order.

10.  I mentally practiced my forms at least 3 times this week.

11.  I practiced my weapons form this week.

12.  I practiced my self-defense routines this week.

13.  I ran through my board break routines this week.

14.  I have at least 12 hours of teaching/assisting time logged at the dojo.

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