Tuesday, March 12, 2013

NO CLASS -Sat 3/16

Hi All -

There has been a change of schedule and we will NOT be having class this coming Saturday, 16th March prior to the sparring tournament.

For those of you participating, be sure to arrive early (ask the Instructors what time to get there to stretch and get gear on) and get stretched out dynamically before the tournament.

Quick reminder about dynamic stretching:
- start with running and jumping jacks to get the blood flowing to your muscles (at least 5 min)
- get some front, round, ax kicks in working on increasing your height - remember, this is the time you should do quick flick kicks with no lock outs
- do your soldier kicks (great dynamic stretch for your hamstrings and the muscles along the side of your hip)
- scorpions are great for stretching quads and lower back dynamically
- stretch out your calves (downward dog, one foot flat and the other bent, alternate to stretch) and rotate your ankles and knees
- rotate your shoulders and arms, do some quick air boxing to get blood flowing

After the tournament:
- after your workout is the time to do the static stretches like the hamstring stretch with the belt
- sit on the floor with legs spread and take your torso to right, center and left holding each stretch for at least 30 seconds
- legs together and put torso to knees
- downward dog and stretch out calves
- quad stretches by pulling your leg up behind you and holding for at least 30 seconds

Good luck to you all and enjoy the tournament!  See you on the 23rd March for the next Saturday forms class!

Ms. Paige

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