Saturday, April 13, 2013

Homework for November Candidates - Week #25

Hello November Candidates -

Just a quick re-cap of the homework assigned for this week 4/13-4/20 to help you get started on your journey to Black Belt.  

1.  Work on getting Taegeuk Ee Jang checked off this week or next at the latest.  Always try to work in advance of your deadlines as some forms will be more difficult than others to check off.

2.  Memorization of the three curriculum forms - T. Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang.  We can't work technique unless you know your next move.  Have these memorized by next Saturday and begin working on memorization of the full 15 - start using your forms binder, my forms cards, quiz yourself or have your parents and friends quiz you.

3.  Front Stances - don't go too wide on these (no Eiffel Tower look), make sure your front leg is forward, both heels and toes pointed back, your hips flat to the wall you are facing and dropping down.  The depth of your front stance is determined by the angle of your front knee.  Work on 20 front stances each side as low as you can go and still kick out of it.  20 per side at least 3 times this week.

4. Timing of the last leg of T. Ee Jang.  Work on down block, kick-chamber-punch, kick-chamber-punch, kick-chamber-punch (Kihap!).  Make sure your hands are chambered properly with no wrist curls and tighten up those muscles so the chambers/hands are LOCKED in until you are ready to move them to the next position.

5.  Crunches 5 Ways - get started on them now.  Full description of how to do them is on a tab at the top of the page.  Start with 20 each (100 total) for 3 sessions this week and we'll start adding each week until we get to 50 of each move.  Everything we do in Martial Arts engages your core in some way - balance, power, lockouts, chambering at height - the more you work on this, the easier it will be to get forms checked off.

See you next week!

Ms. Paige

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