Saturday, April 27, 2013

One Step Questions Week #22 Saturday 4th May 2013

One-Step Questions, Week #22,  Saturday, 4th May:

1.  I have Taegeuk Ee Jang checked off.

2.  If I do not have Taegeuk Ee Jang checked off I have private lessons set up in order to get it checked off.

3.  I have Taegeuk Sah Jang checked off.

4.  I have memorized all three curriculum forms - Taegeuks Ee, Sah and Yuk.

5.  I have begun writing down ideas for my board breaks (due June 1st).

6.  I have practiced all 15 of my forms - 1 time this week for 1st degree candidates (see forms card tab above or use your forms binder for those you don't have these memorized yet), 3 times this week for 2nd degree candidates (16 forms).

7.  I have video taped myself this week doing the form I am working on getting checked off and watched it to see where I need to improve - look at chambers, wrists, punch levels and elbow angles, foot placement and hip and shoulder alignment.

8.  I have done 125 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week making sure they are round kicks (top of foot hitting and belt knot going from side to side) above the bag line.

9.  I have done 20 each of Crunches 5 Ways (total of 100) 2 times this week.

10.  I have done 2 sets of 25 pushups (50 total) 2 times this week.  Focus on technique - see tab above on 100 pushups. 

11.  I have done a run 2 times this week.

12.  I have worked on my back stance in the mirror 3 times this week - check for 60/40 or 70/30 split on weight distribution betweeen feet, check for distance between feet (not on a skateboard) and toe placement, shoulders and in line with hips.

13.  I have worked on my double knives in back stance - check for tight flat hands, thumbs along the side, hand on breast bone flat and not curving inwards, chamber in line with eachother and going straight back (not rising up or breaking the line of your body).

14.  I was prepared for this Saturday's class by using the One-Step questions as a training guide for this week.  I will be a prepared, confident candidate for the pre-test in 22 weeks.

Congratulations to the following One-Step Winners from Week #23!

Mr. Max 
Mr. Bryce
Mr. Justin
Mr. Eli
Mr. Cameron
Mr. Vail
Ms. Marim

You are off to a great start!  I hope to see even more of you across the rope next week!

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