Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shout out to my May Candidate One-Step Winners!

I was so pleased to announce the May 2013 One-Step Winners today!  These are the people who came in with the highest total  number of One-Step wins - not only did they receive a sweet treat but they also consistently worked towards their Black Belt goal and came into the pre-test as prepared, confident candidates.  While I do give out prizes here and there in my class, the ultimate prize and biggest goal is achieving your Black Belt at the end of your 6 months of training!

Please join me in congratulating the following people:

3rd Place -  Mr. Julian, Mr. Nathan and Mr. Bret tied

2nd Place - Ms. Misa

Grand Prize Winner - Mr. Aidan

Enjoy the sweet taste of victory my friends!

Ms. Paige

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