Sunday, May 5, 2013

Procedure for getting a form checked off

Procedure for getting a form checked off:

1.  Ask someone - can be fellow candidate, black belt, instructor, private lesson etc. - to watch your form.

2.  Write down the things they tell you to work on and practice those items.

3.  Ask someone else to watch your form and tell them the things you were told to work on.

4.  Ask them if you have fixed those things and if they have anything else you need to work on.

5.  If they have given you additional items, write them down and work on them.

6.  When you are told you are ready for an Instructor to look at your form you can then ask for Instructor Dan or Instructor Marcia to observe you.  Be ready to tell them the things you have fixed as well as who has watched your form and who told you that you were ready to be seen for check off.

Getting a form checked off is kind of like crossing the street.  You look one way, then the other way, then back to the first direction again in order to be sure you are ready to cross the road.  There are a lot of you and only two people who can check off forms so make sure you are ready before you attempt to cross that road.

Keep working hard and remember that a Black Belt is a white belt who NEVER gave up!

Ms. Paige

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