Sunday, June 23, 2013

One-Step Questions for Week #14 - 29th June 2013

One-Step Questions - Week #14  29th June 2013

1.  I practiced my running 2 times this week.

2.  I did pushups for a total of 200 this week - 8 sets of 25 done in at least 4 different ways (triangle, tricep dips, wide, offset, toes on bag, etc). 

3.  I have done 250 consecutive multiple round kicks on the bag 2 times this week.

4.  I have done 35 each of "crunches 5 ways" plus 5 bridges at 8 count 3 times this week. (This one is all about getting your forms checked off by improving your lock outs and balance so make sure you are holding at the top on each crunch.)

5.  I have physically practiced my forms 3 times each this week.

6.  I have mentally practiced my forms at least 3 times this week.

7.  I have physically practiced my board breaks this week.

8.  I have at least 4 hours of teaching time logged and signed off on in my journal.

9.  I have practiced air sparring (alone or with a partner) for 3 consecutive minutes this week.  You don't need to make contact to stay busy and be sure to practice using two or three sequential moves - not just exchanging single round kicks.

10. I am doing a stretching routine to work on improving my flexibility for axe kicks and front stances.

11.  I have my weapons form completed and prepared for demonstration. 

12.  I have at least one of my self-defense routines written down and have asked an instructor or Black Belt to watch me go through it to make sure it is realistic.

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