Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Step Questions - Week #16 June 15, 2013

Okay guys, I think we can all agree that forms this morning were a train wreck.

We ALL blow it from time to time.  Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process and part of being human.  While the mistake can be painful when you are in the moment, if you learn from it and focus on changes that give you a better outcome the next time then that hard lesson is worth it.  I hope you left today with determination and resolve that you won't be part of a forms train wreck again.

With that being said, this week's One-Step questions are going to focus on forms memorization.

There are a couple of ways to grow pathways into your brain to "burn" in the memorization of your forms.
1.  You physically do the forms.
2.  You can verbally say the forms out loud.
3.  You can mentally run through the form in your head picturing yourself doing the form while you say the moves in your head (this is a combination of #1 and #2).
4. You can write the forms down.

If you do a combination of the methods above you will be able to memorize your forms and move forward on mastering the technique to the forms.  Remember what we talked about today - each movement of your form builds on the placement of the movement before so if you don't know what your next move is, you'll never figure out the exact foot placement/body placement needed to properly execute the next movement.

One-Step Questions Week #16, June 15th 2013

1.  I have written down the basic movements of each of my forms.
This doesn't need to be a super detailed listing - just the basics like front, round, ax.  As long as you know what you mean by what you have written, that is good enough.  If you are really stuck you can use my forms cards to help (see the tab above on the main page to get the 6/8 updated forms cards).

2.  I have physically run all of my forms 3 times this week. 

3.  I have verbally said each of my forms outloud 2 times this week.  You can work on your own for this or partner up with someone at the dojo and call out the forms for each other.

4.  I have mentally reviewed my forms 5 times this week picturing myself doing the movements while I say what that movement is inside my head.  If you get stuck, refer to your forms cards and then quiz yourself again on that form.

That's it.  Half your black belt is memorization and technical performance of your 15/16 forms.  The other half is the physical requirements, self-defense, breaks and weapons form.  To reach your goal of Black Belt you need all the required components in place but you can only move forward in the process if you are getting these forms checked off.  You decide how to break up your extra training time to work on the other components you need.

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