Saturday, July 27, 2013

One Step Questions for Week #9 - Saturday 3rd August

Candidates -

As I said in today's class, practicing ALL your forms multiple times a week is a cornerstone to getting your Black Belt.  It is necessary for memorization, timing, fluidity and the incremental progression on technique we are seeking from all candidates.

Because many of you are not currently devoting the time necessary to this critical step, this week's questions will focus only on forms. You will need to work on all other items as you see fit in your training schedule but my questions will focus on just forms. You will need to pass all questions in order to cross the rope next week.  

One-Step Questions for Week #9 - Saturday 3rd August

1.  I physically practiced all 15 of my forms 6 times this week.  

(When doing a forms session, if you do each form two times in a row, it will count as 2 sets.  I'd like you all to get in the habit of 3 sessions a week doing each form twice.)

2.  I mentally reviewed all my forms 5 times this week.  

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