Saturday, August 17, 2013

Basic Training for Candidates 6 weeks and closer to Pre-Test

Hello my friends -

I hope you all enjoyed your pancake breakfast this morning!  It was well deserved after requirments and forms this morning plus a run to the firehouse.  Things are coming together for many of you now, the work you have been putting in on running forms is showing in the incremental improvements I've been watching for.  Take the time to video tape yourself and then compare it to your earlier tapes - I think many of you will be surprised at just how far you've come.

During the last candidate session, I put together a training guide for candidates who are 6 weeks or closer in to the Pre-Test.  This is a basic guideline that covers the areas you should be working on. If you have areas that need more work, you should put extra time into those areas.

This is a guideline not One-Step questions.  This week I'd like you to work from this list and have you evaluate yourself to see where you are now.

Train hard and have a good week,

Ms. Paige


Basic Training Guide for Candidates within 6 weeks of Pre-Test

- All 15 forms with technique 4 or 5 times physically a week (about 25 min a session)
- Focus work on individual form for check off
- Mentally running forms daily once or twice

Physical Requirements:

- One timed run each week
- One endurance run a week

- One timed set of 100 each week
- 100 additional 2xs a week focus on quality
- Day between 100s for muscle recovery

- 250 crunches/full sit ups (50 each crunches 5 ways) 3 times a week

Round Kicks:
-350/400 round kicks above line/top of foot 2 times a week
- 500 timed round kicks once a week

Board Breaks:
- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine for spacing / dynamics

- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine with feedback

Weapons Form:

- Pick music
- Practice with music 4-5 times a week to nail timing
- Mentally running daily
- Continue to refine with feedback

- Practice full time requirement (3 rounds 2 min each) 2 or 3 times a week

Monday, August 12, 2013

One-Step Questions for Week #7 8/17/13

Hi Guys -

Sorry this one is a little late.  The other parts of my life got a little hectic this weekend.

So, what I've been hearing and seeing is that some of you are feeling a bit worn down and tired.  I know its been a long hard slog getting to this point in the training. I'm going to let you in on a few secrets.

1.  EVERYONE goes through the phase where they are burned out on doing forms, constantly working out and pushing themselves.

2.  That means its gut-check time.  How badly do you want to wear that Black Belt around your waist?  What does that achievement mean to you?  How far are you willing to push yourself in order to achieve this goal?  Are you willing to do what you must in order to become who you want to be?

3.  How do you make a diamond?  By putting a lump of coal under an intense amount of pressure for a long time.  In your case, you get 24 weeks to transform yourself from your Bo-Dan beginnings into a diamond.  All your effort will be worthwhile when you stand in the spot light and SHINE as a Black Belt.


For this week's One-Step Questions I'm going to focus in again on forms.  If you have an area that you know is a weakness (self-defense, running, your weapons form, etc.) then do these items in addition to the following questions.

1.  I physically practiced my forms for three sessions this week.  During each session I did each form AS MANY TIMES as it takes to get that form to a check-off level.  For some forms that may be two in a row.  For some forms that may be 8 times in a row on the same form.  Complete all 15 forms in this manner.

What is a form done at check off level?  Here are a few things we are looking for - this list is not complete but just a few things off the top of my head.  You should think about these things as you are doing forms to make sure you really are at "check off" level.
1.  Correct foot placement throughout the form.
2.  Sharp spotting throughout the form.
3.  Arms are kept strong, punches at the correct level, elbows are tucked in, good fight stance with arm placement, hitting chambers and punches not placing, etc.
4.  You start and finish each leg of the form with a strong movement.
5.  Don't rush into the leg, take that second to set yourself strongly before moving into the form.
6.  Your kicks are above belt level, you have good lock outs, your chambers are at height, good balance and full extension on your kicks.
7.  Eye level - you are fighting an opponent directly in front of you and keep your eyes at this level
8.  Intensity - eye of the tiger time guys, I don't want to see you walking through the motions, each form is a fight with an opponent, look strong throughout.
9.  Good breathing - kihaps, keeping your breathing in time with your motions (sounding like a train puffing with kicks and punches).
10.  Good, deep stances with feet in the correct position.
11.  Hands are kept in TIGHT fists and when chambered, you are at belt level with elbow pulled all the way back and no chicken wings.
12. Chambers are sharp with correct placement, no wrist curls, 90* on front chambers and good symmetry on downblock/overhead block chambers.
13.  Tight knife hands

Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Step Questions for Week #8 - August 10th, 2013

1.  I have timed myself doing my 100 pushups once this week.  In addition, I did 100 non-consecutive pushups focusing on perfect pushups once this week.

2.  I have timed my full run once this week to improve time and done one additional training run.

3.  I timed myself doing my 100 good crunches (hands on chest not behind neck, shoulders lifted off the ground) once this week.  

4.  I've done 45 crunches 5 ways twice this week.

5.  I did my 350 multiple rounds kicks on the bag 3 times this week.

6.  I physically practiced my forms three times this week doing each form twice in a row.  The first time through is to refresh and the second time through is to focus on technique so do it slowly with attention to detail - stances, foot work, chambers, spotting, timing, intensity, eye-level, etc.  Do them as you would for check off.

7.  I practiced my weapons for 3 times this week.

8.  My self-defense routines are complete, have been reviewed by an Instructor or a current Black Belt and I have one routine memorized and am prepared to demonstrate it. (Due August 10th)

9.  I have Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang checked off (Due July 27th).

10.  I put in additional teaching hours this week.

11.  I practiced my board breaks this week.