Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Step Questions for Week #8 - August 10th, 2013

1.  I have timed myself doing my 100 pushups once this week.  In addition, I did 100 non-consecutive pushups focusing on perfect pushups once this week.

2.  I have timed my full run once this week to improve time and done one additional training run.

3.  I timed myself doing my 100 good crunches (hands on chest not behind neck, shoulders lifted off the ground) once this week.  

4.  I've done 45 crunches 5 ways twice this week.

5.  I did my 350 multiple rounds kicks on the bag 3 times this week.

6.  I physically practiced my forms three times this week doing each form twice in a row.  The first time through is to refresh and the second time through is to focus on technique so do it slowly with attention to detail - stances, foot work, chambers, spotting, timing, intensity, eye-level, etc.  Do them as you would for check off.

7.  I practiced my weapons for 3 times this week.

8.  My self-defense routines are complete, have been reviewed by an Instructor or a current Black Belt and I have one routine memorized and am prepared to demonstrate it. (Due August 10th)

9.  I have Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang checked off (Due July 27th).

10.  I put in additional teaching hours this week.

11.  I practiced my board breaks this week.

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