Saturday, October 26, 2013

1st Degree Candidates - your first assignment

Hello to my upcoming class of 1st degree candidates.  Your "season" in my class officially starts after the current group graduates in November to Black Belts.  At that point in time I will begin the One Step questions to assist you in your training and keeping on top of the work load.

Assignment #1:  For the next few weeks until the One-Step questions start, I would like you to focus on memorization of your 6 Palchugi forms. 

What do I mean by memorization?  That you can perform all 6 of the forms in any order ALONE on the floor without any prompts or long pauses.  

Assignment #2:  I would also like you to video tape yourself doing the first 6 forms and begin to become aware of the things that are being looked at to get a form checked off.  
- Hip placement - is your belt level in stances or are you thrusting one hip out or up?
- Foot placement - are your heels straight back on front stances, walking stances?  is your back foot pointed at a forward angle on back stances with 60-70% of your weight on the back foot?
- Are you spotting crisply?
- Strong transfer or weight (settling/timing) where your whole body comes to a stop at the same time.
- All kicks at or above waist level
- Rechambering of all kicks and strikes 
- Hand placement and symmetry of chambers

These are a few of the things you'll be working on over the next 6 months and a good place to start.  You need to really see where you are at and understand what we are looking for in order to meet the expectations and get your forms checked off.  I highly recommend getting a private lesson early in your journey and have someone look at a Palchugi and a Taeguek form to check you for body placement / foundation issues.

Assignment #3:  When practicing your forms be sure you give that tiny strong pause at the beginning and end of each leg and really firm up your arm muscles while you are doing it.  Your forms will look cleaner and you will work on isometric isolation of the arm muscles which will help strengthen them for pushups.

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post.  I will automatically be notified of comments and will respond during the week.  Congratulations on making the decision to go out for your 1st Degree!  As with most difficult things in life, your hard work and perseverance on this journey will all be worth it in the end.

Ms. Paige

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