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One-Step Questions Week #20 - Saturday, 30th November

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Hi All -

I know schedules are a little odd this week with Parent/Teacher conferences and people travelling over Thanksgiving.  If you are able to get into the dojo more often this week because of the shorter school days, I recommend putting in the extra time now to get ahead of the due date schedule before the holidays and winter break when dojo time is more limited.  Remember it takes about 10-15 hours of focused productive mat time a week to achieve your Black Belt.  Even if you aren't going to be there this coming Saturday, you need to put in the time as you are down to 20 weeks left until the pre-test.

There will be fewer questions this week which means you'll have fewer questions you are able to miss and still cross the rope.  I was disappointed in how few made it across the rope when you only had to do 9 out of 14 questions to make it.  I hope to see more of you crossing this coming week.

Congratulations to the following candidates who made it across the rope this week.  Keep up the good work people!
Ms. Mariam
Mr. Greyson
Mr. Michael
Mr. Cody

One-Step Questions for Week #20, Saturday, 30th November:

1.  I have Palchugi EE,  and Palchugi Saw Jang checked off (due date for the first three forms was 23 Nov.)

2.  I have Palchugi Yuk Jang checked off.

3.  I have practiced all 15(+ for 2nd and higher degree) of my forms twice this week. Running all your forms takes approximately 25 minutes once you have achieved memorization.  Memorization is achieved through consistent practice.

4.  I have done 125 round kicks on the bag 3 times this week making sure they are round kicks (top of foot hitting and belt knot going from side to side) above the bag line.  If you aren't at the dojo, you may practice these at home on a pillow or couch cushions.

4.  I have done 20 each of Crunches 5 Ways (total of 100) and 3 bridges at an 8 count (see tab above if you don't know what Crunches 5 Ways and Bridges are) 2 times this week.

5.  I have done 2 sets of 25 pushups (50 total) 2 times this week.  Focus on technique - see tab above on 100 pushups. 

6.  I have done a run once this week.

7.  I have worked on my punches in a mirror 3 times this week - check for wrist curls (relax muscles and pinch sides of wrist and it will fall into a straight position), make sure your elbow has a slight bend in it to protect your joint and to place your fist off the center of your chest, a marble should roll from your elbow down to the center two knuckles off your fist.  Your shoulders should be level and straight and your non-punching fist tucked tightly above your belt. Do one set of 20 punches in low horse stance 3 times this week.
THIS CAN BE DONE AT HOME in the bathroom mirror.

8.  I have worked on my high blocks in a mirror 3 times this week making sure I am chambering symmetrically and parallel (should look like a diamond shape in the mirror), when you make your high block check for the arm to be just above your forehead, no wrist curls and the profile of your arm shows the flat inside curl of your fingers in the mirror.  Do one set of 20 high blocks in walking stance 3 times this week.
THIS CAN BE DONE AT HOME in the bathroom mirror.

9.  I have worked on my double knives in a mirror 3 times this week making sure my arms are going straight out of the shoulder, front arm is at a 90 degree angle and in line with the back arm.  Your hands are in a good knife position meaning the hand is not cupped, the thumb is in line with the fingers and the fingers are straight and not curled back or forward.
THIS CAN BE DONE AT HOME in the bathroom mirror.

10.  I have one set of my board breaks written down.  I have practiced it to see if the flow of motions feels good.   Board Breaks are due on December 7th.

11.  I have 10 moves of my weapons form written down.  They do not have to be the first ten moves.  See tab above for recommendations on weapons form creation if you are having trouble.  Weapons form is due on January 4th.

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