Friday, December 27, 2013

One-Step Questions - Week #15 Saturday, 4th January

Hi All -

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday week with lots of family, fun and special times!  What was originally going to be a two-week One-Step has turned into a one week instead but here it is at last.

Congratulations to the following candidates who made it across the rope on Week #17:
Ms. Leni
Mr. Cody

Give yourselves a big high five for all your hard work!

One-Step Questions for Week #15, Saturday, 4th January 2014

1.  I have Palchugi Ee, Saw and Yuk Jang checked off (due date for fist thee forms was 23 November).

2.  I have Taeguek Ee Jang checked off (T. Ee, Saw and Yuk Jang due 25th January)

3.  I have Taeguek Sah Jang checked off.

4.  I have practiced all 15 + of my forms 2 times this week - go slow and ensure good technique.

5.  I have done 200 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week.

6.  I have done 500 roundkicks on the bag one time this week.

7.  I have done 30 each of Crunches 5 Ways twice this week. 

8.  I have done 2 sets of 35 pushups -  2 times this week (total of 140 pushups).

9.  I have done one full 1.5 mile run this week.

10.  I have done two other runs this week - can be any training style.

 (Question 9&10 - you can subsitute triathalon training - elliptical, rowing and bike  - two training sessions cover both these questions.)

11.  I have at least 15 sequential moves to my weapons form memorized and can perform it at Saturday, 4th Jan class (weapons form is due today).

12.  I have practiced my board breaks one time this week and have worked to improve my sequences by adding kihaps, tightening up foot work (no extra steps), adding dynamics, making sure I look crisp, working on my reach, gaining speed, etc.

13.  I have three sets of my self-defense moves written down and have practiced these to check for realism and flow (Self-defense due Feb 1st)

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