Saturday, February 1, 2014

Def Con 9 - Saturday, 8th February

One Step Questions - Def Con 9, Saturday, 8th February

1.  I have practiced all 15+ of my forms physically 3 sessions this week. 

2.  I have mentally practiced all 15+ of my forms 5 times this week.  This should be a daily mental exercise.  If you can't visualize the form you need to physically practice them more frequently.

3.  I have Taeguek Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off.

4.  I have physically run my self-defense routines with a partner this week.

5.  I have physically practiced my weapons form 2 times this week.

6.  I have at least one possible music selection for my weapons form.
7.  I have physically and mentally practiced my board breaks one time this week.

8.  I have done 275 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week and one set of 500 round kicks.

9.  I have done 55 pushups 2 times this week focusing on perfect pushups.

10.  I have done one set of 100 timed pushups this week.  If you don't make the time be sure to finish the 100 and log how many your achieved.

11.  I have done 35 crunches 5 ways 3 times this week focusing on slow solid technique.  

12.  I have done two full timed training runs this week.

13.  First degree candidates - I have taped myself doing Taeguek Chil, Taegeuk Pal and Koyro to check my technique.  Try to spend some time this week working with a current Black Belt or instructor on cleaning up the top forms.

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