Sunday, March 2, 2014

Basic Training for Candidates 6 weeks or Less to Pre-Test

Hello Friends -

Below is an outline I created a few candidate sessions back which has the basic weekly training for candidates who are within 6 weeks or so of the Pre-Test.  Any areas that you need additional work would have additional tasks added to that area.  This outline will replace specific One-Step questions for the next few weeks.

I will not be at class this coming Saturday (8th March), the following week is testing and following that we have our sparring tournament.  We will then have two Saturday sessions (March 29th and April 5th) before the Pre-Test.  Continue to work hard over the next few weeks and write down the feedback you are receiving to help polish forms.

I know some of you have been working your tail feathers off for the past year or more towards this goal.  As we near the end, emotional and physical fatigue can become problematic.  All I can say is what I believe to the bottom of my heart - this is a long and difficult process, you will reach your limits and beyond and test yourself in ways you didn't realize at the beginning of your journey.  At the end of the process you will be changed.  You will be something new.  You will have a knowledge of self that will help carry you through any obstacles and challenges you may face in your future.  And it will all be worth it.  So keep training hard, push yourself to stay the course, use your visualization exercises to stay motivated and I'll see you on March 29th.

Always in your corner and cheering you on,

Ms. Paige


Basic Training Guide for Candidates within 6 weeks of Pre-Test

- All 15 forms with technique 4 or 5 times physically a week (about 25 min a session)
- Focus work on individual form for check off
- Mentally running forms daily once or twice

Physical Requirements:

- One timed run each week
- One endurance run a week

- One timed set of 100 each week
- 100 additional 2xs a week focus on quality
- Day between 100s for muscle recovery

- 250 crunches/full sit ups (50 each crunches 5 ways) 3 times a week

Round Kicks:
-350/400 round kicks above line/top of foot 2 times a week
- 500 timed round kicks once a week

Board Breaks:
- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine for spacing / dynamics

- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine with feedback

Weapons Form:

- Pick music
- Practice with music 4-5 times a week to nail timing
- Mentally running daily
- Continue to refine with feedback

- Practice full time requirement (3 rounds 2 min each) 2 or 3 times a week

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