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One-Step Questions - Saturday, 3 May Week #22

Quick review of how to get a form checked off
1.  Have a Black Belt or Instructor watch your form.
2.  Write down the things they told you to work on in your binder.
3.  WORK on those items.
4.  Ask that person to watch your form again OR if that person is not available ask another Black Belt or Instructor.  
5.  TELL that person what you have been working on and ask if it is fixed.
6.  IF that person checks you off, then you can sign up to have your form looked at for check off.
7.  That person may give you more items to work on before you should be looked at by an Instructor.  If that is the case, write those items down and repeat the steps to get to check off level.


One-Step Questions - Saturday, May 3, Week #22

1.  I have asked a non-instructor Black Belt to look at my form and give me tips for getting it checked off.   I wrote the information down, worked on the items and if possible went back to the same Black Belt to see if the items were fixed.  If not, I found another Black Belt to check me over. 

2.  I have Taegeuk Il Jang checked off. *

(*Due date is May 24th for this trio of forms but Taeguek Oh Jang is a very difficult form to get checked off so you need to push yourself to get this one checked off by the end of this week.)

3.  I have Taegeuk Sam Jang checked off.*

(*Your goal should be to have this form checked off no later than May 10th so you have at least two weeks to work on Taeguek Oh Jang.)

4.  I have done 175 round kicks on the bags 3 times this week making sure my kicks are above the line and my knot is moving back and forth.

5.  I've done 25 perfect pushups 3 times this week.

6.  I've done 25 Crunches 5 ways and 3 bridges at an 8 count, 3 times this week.  Make sure you are rolling your spine up and down on the flat crunches and your chin goes to the ceiling.

7.  I've done 2 training runs this week and 1 run was the full 1.5 miles.

8.  I've physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 2 times this week (about 25 minutes each time).

9.  I've mentally run Taeguek Il, Sam and Oh Jang 3 times this week.  You can say the forms out loud or run them inside your head.

10.  I have video taped myself doing the form I am working on checking off AND one other form from Taeguek Il, Sam and Oh to check for technique.

Remember the basic list we are looking at for check off:

- Hip placement - is your belt level in stances or are you thrusting one hip out or up?

-Foot placement - are your heels straight back on front stances and walking stances? is your back foot pointed at a forward angle on back stances with 60-70% of your weight on the back foot?

- Are you spotting crisply?

- Strong transfer of weight (settling/timing) where your whole body comes to a stop at the same time?

- Are all your kicks at or above waist level?

- Rechambering all of your kicks at level?

- Striking and not placing of your hands and chambers?

- Is there symmetry in the placement of your hands and chambers?

11.  I have one set of Board Breaks written down (Due June 7th).  This is a rough draft for you to begin with - feel free to change it up as you develop more skills during your training.

12.  I have three sets (move and counter move) written down for my self-defense combinations.  These are items you'd like to incorporate into your self-defense routines.

13.  I have worked on my front stances - 20 each side 3 times this week.  My hips are parallel to the wall I am facing, my back leg is completely straight, I am not too wide or too long in my stance, my knees are both pointing forward, my shoulders are over my hips and I can make my stance lower by bending my knee and dropping my hips towards the floor.  Check how you look sideways in the mirror to make sure your torso is not coming forward in your stance.  How low can you go and still kick out of your stance?

14.  I have worked on my walking stance - 20 each side, 3 times this week making sure my heels are pointed straight back, my feet are slightly wider than my hips and there is no visible bend in my knees.  Check in the mirror to see if you can get your feet back into a good walk stance after a front kick.

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