Saturday, May 17, 2014

One-Step Questions Saturday, 24th May - Week #19

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 24th May - Week #19

1.  I have physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 3 times this week.  2nd Degree or higher - all your forms.

2.  I have mentally practiced my forms two times this week. 

3.  I have asked a partner to quiz me on my forms (speaking it out loud, you don't have to physically perform them) so that I have reviewed all 12 lower for 1st degree candidates and all forms for 2nd degree and higher.  If you can't find a partner to quiz you then write them down in a note book and check over your answers.  If you get one wrong, re-write that one.

4.  I have Taegeuk Il and Taeguek Sam Jang checked off.

5.  I have Taegeuk Oh Jang checked off (all 3 forms due May 24th.)

7.  I have video taped myself this week doing the form I am working on getting checked off.  Watch the way you normally do the form then tape yourself again working on spotting, striking, foot placement, lock outs and stances.  How significantly can you change how you look doing a form?

8.  I have done 225 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week - make sure you are above the line and doing round kicks with the top of your foot and your belt shifting back and forth.

9.  I have done 25 each of crunches 5 ways making sure that I am pausing at the top of each crunch for 1 Mississippi (1 second) to boost my ab workout, 2 times this week.

10.  I have done 60 pushups 2 times this week focusing on perfect pushups.  You can rest when you need to but get all 60 in for each session. 

11.  I have done 2 training runs this week. 

12.  I have 6 moves of my weapon form written down (Due July 5th)

13.  If I didn't complete my 4 sets (move and counter move) for my Self-Defense question last week I completed the task this week.

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