Saturday, May 24, 2014

One-Step Questions, Saturday, 31 May 2014 Week #18

Week #18 - Saturday, 31 May

1.  I have physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 3 times this week.  2nd Degree or higher - all your forms.  

2.  I have mentally practiced my forms three times this week. 

3.  I have Taeguek Il, Sam and Oh Jang checked off. (Due May 24th)

4.  I have done 250 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week.

5.  I have done 30 SLOW crunches 5 ways.  Work those abs!

6.  I have done 60 pushups 2 times this week focusing on perfect pushups (if available use one of the gray blocks at the dojo or some books stacked to a similar height at home).  You can rest when you need to but get all 60 in for each session. 

7.  I have done 2 training runs this week. 

8.  I have all my board breaks written down (Due June 7th).  I have one set memorized so I can show  a combination.  Remember, you can always edit and improve this over time.

9.  I have 10 moves of my weapon form written down (Due July 5th)

10.  I have 5 moves (move plus counter-move) for my Self-Defense written down.

11.  I have at least 1 teaching hour in at the dojo or have made arrangements to begin assisting with classes to get my teaching hours in.

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