Saturday, June 21, 2014

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 28 June - Week #14

Hi All - Remember this is the week we are going to try to get EVERYONE across the Red Rope!  Buddy up and work with partners to get the job done and encourage your fellow candidates to get across that rope this week!

I'm looking forward to seeing how far this group can progress over the next 8-10 weeks of summer vacation.  If you aren't ahead of the game now, its a great time to set up some private lessons to make big progress while you have the free time.  

Ms. Paige

One-Step Questions - Week #14  28 June 2014

1.  I physically practiced my 12 lower forms PLUS Taegeuk Chil and Taegeuk Pal 4 times this week.  All forms for 2nd degree and higher.

2.  I mentally reviewed my forms 5 times this week.

3.  I did 2 training runs this week.  One run should be the full 1.5 miles.

4.  I did 300 round kicks on the bag 3 times this week making sure my foot is landing on the top sweet spot, belt knot moving back and forth and always above the line.  Not a timed drill so make them good.

5.  I did a total of 200 pushups this week broken into 8 sets of 25 done in at least 4 different ways (triangle, tricep dips, wide, offset, toes on bag, etc.)

6.  I have done 35 each of "crunches 5 ways" plus 5 bridges at 8 count 3 times this week.

7.  I have physically practiced my board breaks this week.  Look for places to add dynamics into your sequence.  Can you roll in, do a cartwheel, jump into one of the breaks?

8.  I have at least 4 hours of teaching time logged and signed off on in my journal.

9.  I have practiced air sparring (alone or with a partner) for 3 consecutive minutes this week.  You don't need to make contact to stay busy and be sure to practice using two or three sequential moves - not just exchanging single round kicks.

10. I am doing a stretching routine to work on improving my flexibility for axe kicks and front stances.

11.  I have my weapons form completed and can demo the first 10-20 moves.

12. I have shown a Black Belt or Instructor my self-defense routines and asked them for feedback on realism.

13.  I have video taped the form I am working on checking off this week.

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