Saturday, July 26, 2014

One-Step Questions Week #9, Saturday 2 August 2014

Last 9 weeks of training guys! Time to up the ante on training and get yourself to peak condition for the Pre-Test!  Make sure you are taking care of yourself both on and off the mats by:

1.  Having a good stretching routine to stay flexible and prevent injury!  The more you train the tighter your muscles will get.  Daily stretching for 10-15 minutes is a key to keeping your kicks high and preventing injuries late in the game.  Yoga classes or Wii Fit are a fun way to stay limber.

2.  Stay hydrated - the more you work out the more water and replacement salts/minerals you'll need.  If you use a vitamin water type of drink be sure to alternate with plain water.  Caffeinated energy drinks (Monster, Red Bull, sodas, etc.) are not recommended.  For every 30 minutes you work out try to get at least 16 oz of fluids back in.

3.  Fuel your body with healthy foods to keep your muscles AND your immune system working strong.  We're out of school right now so that helps but once you are back in school you'll be exposed to a bunch of new germs.  Try to avoid that first rush of colds/flu that happen right around the time of the Pre-Test by washing your hands frequently and fueling up the right way.

4.  Stay motivated!  We're in the home stretch!  Only 9 more weeks to go until the Pre-Test so keep those burners going on high to achieve your goals!  Visualize yourself attaining your goal and how great it will feel!

Ms. Paige

One-Step Questions, Week #9 Saturday, 2 August 2014

1.  I have practiced all 15+ of my forms physically 3 sessions this week.  If you are foggy on one of the top 3 forms be sure to ASK for help at the dojo!  
2.  I have mentally practiced all 15+ of my forms 4 times this week.

3.  I have Palchugi Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off (due 7/26/14).

4.  I have completed my self-defense routines (due 8/2/14) and had them reviewed by a Black Belt for realism.

5.  I have physically practiced my self-defense routines with a partner this week.

6.  I have physically and mentally practiced my weapons form 2 times this week.

7.  I have physically and mentally practiced my board breaks one time this week.

8.  I have done 375 round kicks on the bag 2 times this week and one set of 500 round kicks.

9.  I have done 50 pushups 2 times this week focusing on perfect pushups.

10.  I have done 40 crunches 5 ways this week.

11.  I have done two training runs this week.

12.  I have at least 9 hours of my teaching time logged and signed off in my journal.

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