Saturday, January 31, 2015

70 Days left and counting...

You have less than 10 weeks left until you need to be filming for the Pre-Test and about 10 weeks until the Pre-Test.  

It takes about 10-15 hours a week of quality time on the mats in order to become a Black Belt.

1. Quality time means you are coming to the dojo with a plan.  It is focused time with written goals, progress being made and items being accomplished.  

2. You must practice the entire set of forms at least 3 times a week.  This should be perfect practice - doing your forms as if you were getting them checked off.  You can use your forms to warm up - once you are fully warm, go back and re-do those earlier forms.

3.  Video taping is critical.  It is nearly impossible to fix how you look in forms if you cannot see yourself performing them.  It is so much easier and faster to fix things when you can SEE what you are doing than when you are just listening to someone's feedback.  You need to understand what you really look like doing a form versus what you think you look like.

4.  You must mentally review your forms.  This should be done on a daily basis and multiple times a day.  Anytime you have a few minutes you should be reviewing forms in your head.  This is the visualization we've been talking about.  When you review the forms, see yourself doing them perfectly.  Take it slowly and think about exactly how your body is positioned for each move.  It has been proven that this type of mental review will help you improve your physical performance.

5.  Quizzing yourself is important.  Just like you each did a form in a different direction today, you need to quiz yourself to see how ready you really are.  Have a family member quiz you on written forms.  Randomize a set of cards and pull forms from a hat.  Figure out what works for you or use several different methods.

I will not be setting specific One-Step questions this week.  Use this week to reset and re-frame what you want to accomplish and where you are in relationship to your goals.  

Ms. Paige

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