Saturday, March 28, 2015

Welcome to the November 2015 Candidates! First One-Step Questions for Saturday, 4th April

One-Step questions are at the end.  Please read through the summary of today's discussion as well as the class expectations below.

Summary of the things we discussed before class:

1.  It will take between 10-15 hours of training time each week to achieve your Black Belt.  This is focused time meaning you have a game plan when you come into the dojo and know what items you need to work on.

2.  Video taping each week is a MUST.  It is the fastest way to get forms checked off.  If you can SEE what you are doing then you can FIX what you are doing.  When you ask someone to watch your form ask them to tape it as well and then show you the things they want you to fix.

3.  You MUST work on memorization outside of class time.  Start by memorizing the three forms we are working on currently for check off.  Then add in the other 3 Taegueks.  When you practice your forms walk up the chain of Taegueks and you will begin to see the patterns of how the forms build on eachother from Taeguek Il through to Taeguek Yuk Jang.  Practice all 6 each and every week so they are solidly in your memory.  When we roll to the Palchugi forms do the same thing but also practice the Taegueks along with the Palchugis.  This will help you get all of the bottom 12 into your memory banks within the first 8 weeks of training and is a key step in being able to go through the process to get your Black Belt.

4.  Practice makes Permanent.  Doing a form 30 times incorrectly just burns that into your muscle memory.  Video tape and ask for review to get it perfect then practice that way.  Perfect practice makes perfect.

5.  Commit to the process.  The One-Step Questions are designed to work on each of the requirements every week.  You cannot focus on just one form or just one item at a time - you have to work a little on each part of the Black Belt each week in order to achieve your ultimate goal.  If you work the One-Step Questions they will work for you.

6.  Get your parents involved as note takers and video takers.  It is impossible to remember everything you are told on the floor throughout a class, having them take notes for you is an invaluable tool in this process.

7.  Be proactive for yourself.  Anyone wearing a Black Belt is eager and happy to help BUT YOU have to ASK for their help. 


Welcome November 2015 Candidates!

General Class Information:

Class Starts at 7:30AM!  Please be a few minutes early to begin your warm up!

This class is designed to help you learn your forms at a Black Belt level.  We will focus on both current curriculum for check off as well as the full 15 forms required.  The faster you memorize all your forms the faster we can get to technique.  

Check out my Forms tab above to print out my forms "cheat sheets", use the forms binder from the dojo or create your own set of cheat sheets. 

Please make sure you have something to eat prior to coming to class.  I recommend something light that has protein to sustain you through a morning of heavy exercise.  Protein bars worked well for me and I also recommend vitamin water to alternate with plain water.  This will keep you hydrated and keep your energy up throughout the long morning.  I cannot stress enough that you are now training to be a top tier athlete, you must treat your body with respect and care to reflect that.  Nutrition is a very important part of staying healthy on this journey  - talk to Instructors Dan or Marcia if you have questions.

My class will begin promptly at 7:30AM and run until 8:20AM when you will be given a 10 minute break to get fluids, an energy dense snack and go to the restrooms.   

Class Expectations:

1.  You will come to class with something in your stomach.  People who don't generally can't keep up.

2.  You will arrive prior to 7:30AM with all your gear, binder, running shoes, snack and fluids for a full morning of training and ready for toes on the line AT 7:30AM.  I usually open the doors between 7:15-7:20AM.

3.  You will practice all 15 forms on your own throughout the week for memorization.  Without memorization we cannot work on technique.  Eventually it will take 20-25 minutes to run all your forms back to back.  My expectation is that you will physically do all your forms 3 to 5 times a week and run them mentally daily.

4.  You will give me your best when you are on the floor.  You should always look as good as when you are trying to get a form checked off.

5.  You will work on your fitness requirements throughout the week. 

Remember, all the current Black Belts are here to help you.  Good luck on your journey!

Ms. Paige

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 4th April

1.  I came to class today having eaten a breakfast that will sustain me through the next couple of hours of training.  (Something that includes protein like eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese stick, etc. Pop tarts, muffins and sugary cereals might taste good but you won't get sustained energy from them to carry you through Forms and Conditioning class.)

2.  In my gear bag I have the tools I need for training today:
 - Fluids for hydration and an energy dense snack
 - My binder with blank paper and pen/pencil
 - My running shoes and socks
 - Sparring gear, my chosen weapon, etc.

3.  In my binder I have created a section for forms and have the written forms in there to assist me with memorization.  You can use the long forms that can be purchased from the dojo, you can create you own cards or you can use the forms cards I created (see tabs at the top).

4.  I have Taeguek Ee, Taeguek Sah and Taeguek Yuk Jang memorized.  This means I can perform them ALONE on the floor without any prompts or long pauses.

5.  I have video taped myself doing each of these three forms in the past week so I can see myself and begin to be aware of the items that are looked at to get a form checked off.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Hip placement - is your belt level in stances or are you thrusting one hip out or up?
-Foot placement - are your heels straight back on front stances and walking stances? is your base heel all the way backwards for a back kick or side kick?
- Are you spotting crisply?
- Strong transfer of weight (settling/timing) where your whole body comes to a stop at the same time?
- Are all your kicks at or above waist level?
- Rechambering all of your kicks?
- Striking and not placing of your hands and chambers?
- Is there symmetry in the placement of your hands and chambers?

6.  I have done 100 round kicks on the bag two times this week.

7.  I have done 10 perfect pushups two times this week.

8.  I have done 15 each of crunches 5 ways and 3 bridges at an 8 count two times this week (see tab at top for how to do these).

9.  I have done one training run this week beyond Ms. Jay Lynn's Class.  

If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on this post.  I will automatically be notified of comments and will respond during the week.  Congratulations on making the decision to go out for your next Degree!  As with most difficult things in life, your hard work and perseverance on this journey will all be worth it in the end.  A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, congratulations on taking it.

Looking forward to helping you with your journey,

Ms. Paige


Ms. Marisa said...

Thanks, Ms. Paige! This has really helped me to get organized as I reboot my black belt candidacy.

Paige Dolecki said...

Ms. Marisa -

Glad it helped! I'm really looking forward to watching you take on this cycle!

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your journey!


Instructor Dan said...

Great job Ms. Paige!