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One-Step Questions for Saturday, 18th April (Two Weeks)

If you received a One-Step Chart today but did not get my signature after class I will sign them before our next meeting on Saturday, 18th April (bring it to me before class starts).  Anyone who has NOT yet received a Chart has the opportunity to earn one on the 18th. 

Next week is the Pre-Test and the Black Belt Candidate Meeting. Please be sure to attend this informative session!  It's full of tips and advice on how to get through the process of becoming a Black Belt.  I will be visiting my daughter at college that weekend and won't be at the meeting but most of what I would tell you is in last week's post.

I've added a new tab at the top of the blog with the following information on how to get a form checked off.  Print it off and add it to your binder.

Steps to getting a form checked off:

1.  Memorize your form.  You can't perform it at a Black Belt level if you don't know the next move.

2.  Film yourself doing the form.  You can probably see and fix 75% of things on your own.

Things to look at on the film:

- Hip placement - is your belt level in stances or are you thrusting one hip out or up? are your hips flat to the wall in front of you if you are doing a front or walk stance?

- Are your shoulders in line with your hips and squared?

- Are your punches at the correct level with proper angle with a slight bend in the elbow to straighten shoulders, the punch should come to the center of your chest?

-Foot placement - are your heels straight back on front stances and walking stances? is your base heel all the way backwards for a back kick or side kick?

- Are you spotting crisply?

- Strong transfer of weight (settling/timing) where your whole body comes to a stop at the same time?

- Are all your kicks at or above waist level?

- Rechambering all of your kicks?

- Striking and not placing of your hands and chambers? are you tightening up your arm muscles between movements to lock in where your arms must stay?

- Is there symmetry in the placement of your hands and chambers? 

- Is your chamber high enough - do you have a full 90 degrees?

- Is your joonbe and barro crisp with good timing?

3.  When you are watching your forms on video, look in detail at each section:
- check your joonbe
- check your first row
- check up the floor
- check side to side
- check your barro

4.  Once you've done steps 1-3 AND corrected those things you noticed THEN you go to a Black Belt and have them look at your form for feedback.
5.  Write down and fix any feedback given.

6.  Go back to that Black Belt if possible (if not, be sure you can tell the next person to look at you what feedback you were given) and have them look at your form to get approval to have Instructor Dan look at your form for check off.

7.  Sign up to get the form checked off.

8.  Be prepared to do pushups to get the form officially checked off and be prepared to do a previously checked off form at Black Belt level to get this form checked off.


One-Step Questions for Saturday, 18th April (covers two weeks)

1.  I attended the Black Belt meeting on April 11th and cheered on the awesome three going for their Black Belt and 2nd Degree!

2.  I have Taegeuk Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang memorized.

3.  I have Taegeuk Ee Jang checked off.

4.  I have video taped myself doing each of my three curriculum forms this week.

5.  I have done 150 round kicks on the bags four times in the past two weeks.

6.  I have done 15 perfect pushups 4 times in the past two weeks.

7.  I have done 20 each of crunches 5 ways and 4 bridges at an 8 count four times in the past two weeks.

8.  I have done 3 training runs outside of Ms. Jay Lynn's class in the past two weeks.  (These do not have to be the full 1.5 mile regular run - you can do one run where you sprint for a long block, one run can be a sprint/jog combo, etc.  Talk to the Instructors about options beyond just the regular run.)

9.  I have worked on my punches in a mirror 4 times in the past two weeks - check for wrist curls (relax muscles and pinch sides of wrist and it will fall into a straight position), make sure your elbow has a slight bend in it to protect your joint and to place your fist off the center of your chest, a marble should roll from your elbow down to the center two knuckles off your fist.

10.  I have worked on my high blocks in a mirror 4 times in the past two weeks making sure I am chambering symmetrically and parallel (should look like a diamond shape in the mirror), when you make your high block check for the arm to be above your forehead, no wrist curls and the profile of your arm shows the flat inside curl of your fingers in the mirror.

11.  I have worked on my front stances - 20 each side, 4 times in the past two weeks.  My hips are flat to the wall I am facing, my back leg is completely straight, my heels are pointing straight back, my back heel is on the floor, my shoulders are over my hips and I can make my stance lower by bending my knee and dropping my hips towards the floor.  Check how you look sideways in the mirror to make sure your torso is not coming forward in your stance.  How low can you go and still kick out of your stance?

12.  I have worked on my walking stance 4 times in the past two weeks making sure my heels are pointed straight back, my feet are slightly wider than my hips and there is no visible bend in my knees.  Check this on the back leg of Taegeuk Ee Jang - do your feet go back to a true walk stance after kicking?

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