Saturday, May 2, 2015

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 16th May - 21 weeks to the Pre-Test

Hello Candidates and Parents -

I won't be attending the Friday Black Belt test as I'm driving across the state to bring my daughter home from college for the summer.  I've already given my congratulations to our two AWESOME candidates - Mr. Matthew and Mr. Jake.  They rocked it out and I'm terribly proud of them!  

If you aren't testing on Friday with them, try to stop by so you can experience what YOUR test will be like in 6 months.  Envision YOURSELF being as sharp, as focused, as intense as they are as they cross their big finish line.  Be sure to congratulate them on their achievement earned with hard work, dedication and perseverance.  Do what you need to do to make it YOU up there next time!

Next, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on ALL candidates getting across the Red Rope this week!  It was a first for DMW and it was awesome to see!  You are all working hard and it shows.

A couple of quick things I want to stress from today's class:

1.  If you are NOT making progress on getting a form checked off within 7-14 days of working on that form then you should seek out assistance - get a Black Belt's advice, do a private, etc.  Don't spin your wheels - be consistently moving forward towards that finish line!

2.  You MUST be proactive for yourself or your child.  If you don't know what you are doing that is preventing you from making progress on anything (not just forms) then go TALK to an INSTRUCTOR.  You have access to some amazing people who love nothing better than sharing their tips, tricks, and hints.  We love to share and all you have to do is ask!

3.  Know Yourself.   Each week pick out two or three things that were the most challenging for you to do and practice them the following week.  This process is all about working on our weak areas while we enhance our strengths.  So, if kicking for height is easy for you GREAT!  Keep up the effort to maintain your height.  If lock outs are difficult then THAT is something you need to double down on and practice even more the following week.

Have a great two weeks of training and I'll see you all on May 16th!

Ms. Paige

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 16 May (21 weeks to Pre-Test) 

1.  I have Taegeuk Sah Jang checked off.

2.  I have Taegeuk Yuk Jang checked off.

3.  I have Palchugi Il Jang checked off.

4.  I have video taped myself doing Taegeuk Ee, Sah, Yuk AND Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh in the past two weeks. 

5.  I have physically practiced my forms six times in the past two weeks.  (15+ if you know them.)  Use different methods to practice - change directions
-do one Taegeuk for perfect hands/feet/stance and one for strikes/timing.  Then do it with all elements.  
-do one Palchugi for height and one for lock out, then do for both. 
- make sure you have a strong set for the start and finish of each leg of your forms, no rolling from one side into the start of the next side.

6.  I have mentally reviewed each of my curriculum forms (or full set) eight times in the past two weeks.

7.  I have done 225 round kicks on the bags four times in the past two weeks.

8.  I have done 30 pushups 4 times in the past two weeks.

9.  I have done 25 each of crunches 5 ways and 5 bridges at an 8 count four times in the past two weeks.  If you are having trouble with lock outs this is the perfect exercise - lock outs come from core and glute strength.

10.  I have done 4 training runs in the past two weeks.

11.  I worked on my punches, high blocks, double knives, front stances, back stances and walking stances in a mirror four times in the past two weeks (one set of 20 for each).  

12.  I have written down half of my required board breaks in my binder (Due June 6th)

13.  I have written in my binder a sequence of 10 moves for my weapons form.  (Due July 11th).

14.  I have written down two self-defense move/counter in my binder. (Due August 1)

15.  I attended sparring class on May 15th.

16.  I have video taped myself doing my partial weapons form, board breaks or self-defense moves.

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