Saturday, May 16, 2015

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 23 May - 20 Weeks until the Pre-Test

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 23 May - 20 weeks to Pre-Test

1.  I have Taeguek Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off (due 23 May)

2.  I have Palchugi Il Jang checked off.

3.  I have video taped myself doing Taegeuk Ee, Sah, Yuk AND Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh this week.

4.  I have physically practiced my forms 3 times this week.  (15+ if you know them.)  Be aware of timing, stances, lock outs, height, striking and hand placement during your practice.

5.  I have mentally reviewed each of my curriculum forms (or full set) four times this week.

6.  I have done 250 round kicks on the bags twice this week.

7.  I have done 30 pushups in a row (no breaks, no knees, no stopping) THREE times this week.  Try to get your chin to the ground.

8.  I have done 25 crunches 5 ways (that means 25 in each of the ways for a total of 125 crunches) and 10 V Ups three times this week.

9.  I have done 2 training runs this week.  One run must be the full 1.5 miles.

10.  I worked on my punches, high blocks, double knives, front stances, back stances and walking stances in a mirror twice this week (one set of 20 for each).  

11.  I have written down my required board breaks in my binder (Due June 6th)

12.  I have written in my binder a sequence of 15 moves for my weapons form.  (Due July 11th).

13.  I have written down three self-defense moves/counters in my binder. (Due August 1)

14.  I attended sparring class this week.

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