Saturday, May 23, 2015

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 30th May - 19 weeks to Pre-Test

In order to enter the floor to the back black line, you must do the two following items.  Everything after that will take you steps forward down the floor.

1.  I have physically practiced my forms 3 times this week - all 6 lower Taegueks plus Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh.  Full set if you know them.

2. I have mentally reviewed each of my forms four times this week.

***Below this line starts your steps down the floor.  To be eligible, please complete steps One and Two.***

3.  I have Taegeuk Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off.  If you do not have this done, please set up some private lessons and/or discuss with the head Instructors. (Due 23 May).

4.  I have Palchugi Il Jang checked off.

5.  I have video taped myself doing my 6 Taeguek forms and Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh this week.

6.  I have done 275 Round Kicks on the bags twice this week.

7.  I have done 35 pushups in a row (no breaks, no knees, no stopping) three times this week. Don't be T-Rex.

8.  I have done 30 crunches 5 ways (30 of each variety) and 12 V Ups three times this week.

9.  I have done 2 training runs this week. 

10.  I worked on my punches, high blocks, double knives, front stances, back stances and walking stances in a mirror twice this week (one set of 20 for each).

11.  I have my board breaks written down and one combination memorized and ready to show.  (Due June 6th)

12.  I have written in my binder a sequence of 20 moves for my weapons form and have at least 10 sequential moves memorized for show.  (Due July 11th).

13.  I have written down 4 self-defense Move/Counters in my binder.  (Due August 1)

14.  I attended sparring class this week.

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