Saturday, June 13, 2015

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 20th June - 16 weeks to the Pre-Test!

Wednesday-Sunday from 10AM-4PM my daughter will be giving tours and answering questions on the Hydroelectric Power Plant down at the new museum at Snoqualmie Falls.  To get to the parking area, at the end of Snoqualmie Parkway turn left and just before the bridge there is a road on the left which takes you down to the new parking area.  There is a walking path through the gates to get to the historical buildings that house the new museum.

Be sure to say hello to Eliza (my daughter), Jenna and Larry who are all Interns for the City of Snoqualmie this summer.  Let them know Ms. Paige sent you! You can walk from the museum to the falls for a fun family outing!

In order to enter the floor to the back black line, you must do the two following items.  Everything after that will take you steps forward down the floor.

1.  I have physically practiced my forms 3 times this week - full set of lower 12 minimum.

2. I have mentally reviewed each of my forms five times this week.

***Below this line starts your steps down the floor.  To be eligible, please complete steps One and Two.***

3.  I have have the 9 required forms memorized (6 Taegueks plus Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh) - this means you can perform them alone without pauses or prompts.

4.  I have Palchugi Sam Jang checked off.

5.  I have video taped myself doing Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang plus my Weapons form start and my Board Breaks this week.

6.  I have done 350 Round Kicks on the bags twice this week.  

7.  I have done 50 pushups in a row (no breaks, no knees, no stopping) three times this week.  You'll be happy to know this is where I break on in-a-row pushups!  Next week we'll be shaking it up again! 

8.  I have done 35 crunches 5 ways, 15 V Ups and 10 Bridges at an 8 count three times this week.

9.  I have done 2 training runs this week. One run must be the full 1.5 miles.
10.I have worked on my kicking flexibility this week by
- doing 3 sets of 10 front kicks over my head
- 3 sets of 10 Ax kicks over my head with my neck stable
- 3 sets of 10 high round kicks over my head.  

11.  I have written in my binder a sequence of 40 moves for my weapons form and have at least 20 sequential moves memorized for show.  (Due July 11th).

12.  I have writtine in my binder 5 of my Self-Defense Moves/Counter Moves (Due Aug 1).

13.  I attended sparring class this week.

14.  Bonus step if you can do the Shaolin Monk Side Plank Pose (see blog for picture).

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