Saturday, October 24, 2015

One-Step Questions Saturday, 31 October

New candidates:  The VERY BEST thing you can do for yourself is to practice your forms and video tape to see yourself performing it.  Watch yourself at least three times picking apart your performance so you can really see each part that needs to be brought to black belt level.  Once you can *see* what you need to fix your brain will assist your body in the physical fixing! When you are mentally practicing your forms, walk through them slowly and with perfection - taking time to mentally see yourself doing each motion perfectly will help your muscle memory improve your performance.

Congrats to the three who made it across the red rope today.  For those of you who didn't get very far down the floor - remember the advice the current candidates gave to you as you started your journey.  The best thing you can do for yourself is to work diligently on getting the one-step questions done and getting across the rope.  We are building towards black belt each week and the more consistently you get across the rope, the more consistently you are making progress to your ultimate goal of Black Belt.  You can ALL do this and we are all here to help!

Ms. Paige


One-Step Questions Saturday, 24th October

1.  I have Palchugi Ee Jang memorized.  This means I can perform this form ALONE on the floor without prompts or pauses.

2.  I have Palchugi Sah Jang memorized. 

3.  I have Palchugi Yuk Jang memorized.

4. I physically practiced my forms for three sessions this week and mentally reviewed 2 times.

5.  While practicing Palchugi Ee Jang I focused on:
 - planting my base foot completely backwards for any back kicks.
- making sure I had a big step behind with some distance between my feet on the step-behind side kick.
-  making sure my shoulders stay over my toes on back kicks
- extending my kicks out fully 
- making sure my back kick is not over my butt, its slightly to the outside to keep from over-rotating.

6.  While practicing Palchugi Sah Jang I focused on:
- making my cut a well defined knife edge
- being slow on the upwards motion of the Ax kick with a full speed downward motion so my Ax kicks look stronger.  I also made sure my toes were pointed appropriately for an Ax kick.
- my knee was chambered up prior to the kicks (up, kick, re-chamber).
- making sure I don't bring my hands in when switching legs in the form.

7.  While practicing Palchugi Yuk Jang I focused on:
 - kicking to the line not over it
- having two distinct kicks on the hook / round combination (your thigh gets re-chambered back to the line after the hook before you throw the round kick).
- making sure my "running round" is an agressive motion
- working on my jumbee to make it three distinct motions (up to just under eye, all the way back so my shoulder blades almost touch and my fists are up at my side, and then down with timing so I'm stepping out as my fists strike down).

8.  I have video taped myself doing the form I am working on for check off this week and watched it 3 times:
- one time through observe your hand placement and spotting
- one time through observe your kicking height, lockout, chambering, foot placement
- one time through observe your timing and intensity

9.  I have done 125 round kicks on the bag two times this week.

10.  I have done 12 perfect pushups three times this week.

11.  I have done 15 each of crunches 5 ways (5x15=75 crunches each session) 3 times this week.

12.  I have done one training run this week.  This should be the full 1.5 miles.

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