Saturday, November 7, 2015

Steps to Getting a Form Checked Off!

Steps to getting a form checked off:

1.  Memorize your form.  You can't perform it at a Black Belt level if you don't know the      next move.

2.  Film yourself doing the form.  You can probably "see" and fix 75% of things on your own.

3.  Watch your video and really look at each row of your form to see what needs to be fixed.

4.  Once you have done steps 1-3 THEN go to a black belt and ask them to review your form.

5.  Write down all feedback on a separate piece of paper labelled for JUST that form (a couple of sheets of paper should be behind each form in your binder). Note which Black Belt gave you the feedback and what day they gave it to you.

6.  Work on that feedback.  This is not taking 10 minutes to work on your chambers in the mirror.  This means taking it home, working on it, video taping to be sure it is corrected.  Don’t expect to be looked at again until the NEXT CLASS.

7.  Go back to the same Black Belt if possible and tell them EXACTLY what you were working on and ask them to review your form.  Expect NEW things to come your way – we only give 3-5 things each time to work on.  You will probably need 3-5 reviews in order to get a form checked off at a Black Belt level.  This is a PROCESS.

8.  When the Black Belt you have been working with gives you the go ahead, sign up to have Instructor Dan and Marcia look at the form.

9.  Be prepared to do pushups AND a previously marked off form in order to get your form reviewed.

Last but not least - if you have been working this system for 2-3 weeks and haven't been able to get a specific form checked off you NEED to go see the Instructors to get help.  Tell them you have hit a road block and you need a push to get you across the line on that form.  Whatever you do, make sure you don't spin your wheels on one specific item for more than 2-3 weeks.  The goal is to always keep moving forward -whether you need a Private Lesson or just a few tips the only way to get help is to be proactive on it.

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