Sunday, February 7, 2016

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 13th February

You are now at the mid-point in your training cycle.  At this point candidates should have all 12 lower forms memorized and be improving weekly on technique.  Candidates should be physically practicing all 12 lower forms 3 times a week OR MORE, mentally reviewing on a daily basis and be proficient (both memorization and technique) in any items (board breaks, self-defense, weapons form) that have been listed as due.

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 13th February - 12 Weeks until the Pre-Test!

In order to get on the mats you must do the first two questions:

1.  I have physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 3 times this week.

2.  I have mentally reviewed all 12 of my lower forms 5 times this week. (If you are currently reading the forms, try saying them out loud and having a family member check your memory).

If you answered YES to the first two questions above you can continue on down the floor!

3.  I have video taped myself doing the form I am working on for check off plus the three curriculum forms.

4.  I have done 325 Round Kicks on the bags three times this week.

5.  I have done 50 perfect pushups in a row (no breaks, no knees, no stopping) three times this week.

6.  I have done 30 crunches 5 ways and 8 V ups three times this week.

7. I have done 2 training runs this week.  One must be the full 1.5 miles.

8.  I have two or more music selections for my weapons form and have taped myself doing the form to these songs to evaluate which music fits the best.

9.  I have Palchugi El, Sam and Oh Jang checked off (Due February 6th).

10.  I have practiced my board breaks and self-defense this week.

11.  I have at least half of my teaching hours logged.

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