Saturday, February 20, 2016

One-Step Questions, Saturday 27th February - 10 weeks to Pre-Test

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 27th February - 10 Weeks until the Pre-Test.
In order to get on the mats you must do the first two questions:

1. I have physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 3 times this week.
- One time through doing "Gorilla Style" where everything is fully engaged and strikes and feet have perfect placement.
- One time through focusing on lock outs and strikes.
- One time through focusing on height of kicks and strikes.

2. I have mentally reviewed all 12 of my lower forms 5 times this week.

Mental review - if you are reading the forms for review say them out loud and have a friend or family member check your memory. Another good way to do mental review is to write out the basic steps of each form and check it against the printed form cards.

If you answered YES to the first two questions above you can continue on down the floor!

3. I have video taped myself doing the form I am working on for check off plus the Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang and Taeguek Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang. Watch the forms to evaluate if you are still incrementally improving your forms. Check for feet and hand placement, height of kicks, lock outs, shoulders, hip positioning, striking, timing, etc.  You can use the Forms Check off Document to help guide you on this.

4. I have done one set of 500 timed Round Kicks this week plus 375 Round Kicks on the bags two times this week.

5. I have done one full set of timed 100 pushups plus 60 perfect pushups two times this week.

6. I have done one timed set of crunches and two sets 35 crunches 5 ways.  On the crunches 5 ways focus on holding at the top for a second or two before rolling back down.

7. I have done 2 training runs this week. One must be the full 1.5 miles and timed.

8. I have practiced my board breaks, self-defense and weapons forms this week.

9.  I have picked out a couple of options for music for my weapons form and have asked for feedback with music and form from an Instructor or Black Belt on which piece best fits.

10. I attended sparring class this week.

11.  I attended Yoga class this morning prior to Ms. Paige's Forms Class.

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