Monday, April 25, 2016

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 30th April

Sorry I missed you guys on Saturday - being sick isn't any fun. Congratulations to all candidates who made it across the rope this past Saturday!  Instructor Dan was pleased with how many of you there were.  If you didn't get across make it your goal to get a couple of steps closer this week.

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 30th April

1.  I have Taeguek Il Jang checked off. (Due May 21)

2.  I have Taeguek Sam Jang checked off. (Due May 21)

3.  I have physically practiced Taeguek Il, Sam and Oh Jang three times this week and mentally reviewed these forms (speaking outloud, writing down or in your head) two times this week.

4. I have video taped myself doing Taeguek Il Jang or the form you are working on getting checked off.

5.  I have done 15 Perfect Pushups and 5 Tricep Pushups 3 times this week.

6.  I have video taped myself doing a set of Perfect Pushups so I can assess my form.

7. I have done 45 round kicks on the bags 3 times this week.

8. I have done 35 crunches and 3 V-ups 3 times this week. Go up slowly and count one Mississippi at the top of your crunch before you release slowly down.

9.  I have done one full 1.5 mile run and one additional run this week.

10.  I have one combination of Board Breaks written down in my binder. (Due June 11th)

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