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One-Step Questions - Saturday, 23rd April

The time between now and the October Pre-Test is going to pass no matter what you do.  It is up to you to decide if you want to do nothing or if you want to work hard and achieve your goals.  Think about what you want in October and do the One-Step Questions to get you "one step" closer to your October goal!

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 23rd April

1. I have reviewed the "All Taeguek Forms - What needs to be there for check off" document again after Saturday's class and added any notes based on class.

2.  I have Taeguek Il Jang checked off.

3.  I have Taeguek Il, Sam and Oh Jang memorized.  This means I can perform the form on the mats alone without any prompting or long pauses.

4.  I have physically practiced curriculum forms Taeguek Il Jang, Sam Jang and Oh Jang three times this week.

5.  I have video taped myself doing Taeguek Il Jang (or the form I am working on for check off) and watched that taping at least three times looking for the following three categories of items.  Ask yourself the following questions to see what you need to fix to get your form checked off.

 A) Hips, Shoulders and Feet:  Watch for foot, hip and shoulder placement - are your heels straight back, are your shoulders always directly in line with your hips (think of the four corners of a square), are your hips and shoulders flat to the wall you are facing in a front or walk stance, are both your feet flat on the floor with your back leg straight and heel straight in your front stance? Can you kick out of your front stance? How low can you go by dropping your hips to the floor and still be able to kick out of it?

B) Hands, Chambers, Punches and Knives:  Do your punches have a slight bend at the elbow so your shoulders stay in line with your hips and your fist is in line with the center of your chest?  Are your chambers symmetrical (same levels) on both sides? Do you have any wrist curls? Can you only see the side of your bone on the inside chamber in front of your body and the circle on the side of your fist? Check the chamber on your waist - is it pulled all the way back so no sunshine can show between your body and your elbow and is your wrist flat too (no curls)? On an inside chamber can you see your top fist out of the corner of your eye (fist should be forward from your cheek)? Are your knife hands straight (no curling the fingers upwards or cupping at the knife on your waist) with your wrist straight and your thumb tucked along the side? Are you able to curl just the first knuckle of your hand and engage the muscles along the side of your hand?

C) Timing and Striking: Are your feet and hands landing at their end motion at precisely the same instant? You'll feel it through your entire body when both upper and lower parts of your body land at the exact same time. Are you engaging your muscles when they are chambered, releasing when in motion and re-engaging at the end motion?  Do your hands waver or drift once they are in the chambered position? Are you placing your hands or are you able to break a board with each of your strikes?  Are your chambers precise and crisp motions or do you roll in and out of them? Are your Joonbees three distinct motions without any rolling and good timing on the foot and hands coming down at the same time with no wrist curls?

6.  I have practiced my high blocks, inside blocks, low blocks and knife hand in the mirror - 10 times each side and each block 3 times this week.  This one can be done at home or at the dojo. Check for symmetry, striking, hand and arm placement, no curls.

7.  I have practiced my Joonbees in the mirror 10 times to the front and 10 times from both sides so I can see all my chambers 3 times this week.  Make sure each motion is a strike.  Think about punching the sky at your eye level on the first motion, second motion is elbows straight back with arms level at sides and no wrist curls, third step has you punching the ground off your body with wrists centered above your thighs and no wrist curls - foot steps out at precisely the same time as your third motion ends.

8.  I have done 10 perfect pushups 3 times this week.

9.  I have done 40 round kicks on the bags 3 times this week.

10.  I have done 30 crunches 3 times this week.  Go up slowly and count one Mississippi at the top of your crunch before you release slowly down.

11.  I have done one training run this week outside of class.

12.  A parent is attending today's class for at least the first 10 minutes to watch where I get to for One-Step Questions.  It is best if a parent can attend the entire class and take notes for the student if possible.

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