Saturday, July 30, 2016

One-Step Questions, Saturday 6th August - 10 weeks to Pre-Test!

Candidates - I hope you have been working on your mnemonic devices the past couple of weeks - next week we are rolling to randomized forms!  See last week's post if you want more information on how to create mnemonics.

Remember what we talked about it class today - anyone can do something sloppy.  Take your time and focus on just how GREAT you can be!  

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 6th August - 10 Weeks to the Pre-Test!

1. I have physically practiced all 12 of my lower forms 4 times and mentally reviewed them (writing them down, speaking out loud and/or reviewing in your head) 4 times over the past week.  (This is a 2 hour committment this week). 

One of these times you should be focused on going SLOW and checking each stance to make sure you are doing it perfectly.  Get to know what your body feels like when you are doing it to the best of your ability.  

One time through should be video taped - watch yourself and see your progression of forms - at what point do you start getting sloppy?  Are you able to make it through the full 30 minutes of forms without dropping your hands, cheating your stances, not striking?   Remember - the Pre-Test is anywhere from 4-6 HOURS long.  

***NOTE: You must do Question #1 to continue down the floor!***

2. I have Palchugi Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off. (Due July 25th)

3.  I have Taeguek Ee Jang checked off. (Due September 3rd)

4. I video taped myself doing the form I am working on, my board breaks, my weapons form and my self-defense (with partners) in the past week.

5. I have done 2 sets of 25 Perfect Pushups plus 20 Side-Plank Pushups (Pushup Position to Side Plank, Pushup to other side Plank = 1 set) 3 times in the past week.

6. I have done 325 round kicks on the bags 3 times in the past week.

7. I have done 25 crunches 5 ways (25x5=125 total crunches each session) 3 times in the past week plus 5 Elephant pose for a 10 second count (go to Downward Dog, drop your knees so you hover over the floor and shift your body forward so your shoulders are beyond your hands) and 5 boat pose for a 10 second count (get in a Crunchy Frog position then extend your hands out to your sides and straighten out your legs with toes pointed) this week.

8. I have done 2 training runs in the past week

9. I have my weapons form completed and memorized. (Due July 16th.)

10. I have at least 5 of my sparring classes checked off. (If you don't have 5 classes at this point you need to talk to Instructor Dan or Instructor Chris about getting enough sparring in to pass this requirement.)

11.  I have all of my Self-Defense attack and defense combination moves written down in my journal. (Due August 6th)

12.  I have done two rounds of partner sparring - two minutes each with a 30 second break in between (total sparring time is 4 minutes) 2 times in the past week.  Try out partners to see who you want to partner with for taping.

13.  I have my song selected for my weapons form.

14.  I have practiced my board break combinations 2 times over the past week.

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