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One-Step Questions - Saturday, 3 September - 6 Weeks Until the Pre-Test

Hi All -

Several candidate groups back I created a basic guideline for what all candidates should be doing on a weekly basis for training once they are at this point in the journey.  This guideline covers some things that aren't specifically stated in the One-Step questions and its a good guide for staying on track at the dojo.  Check against the list and see how close your weekly training comes to filling each requirement.

As of today, we have just 6 Saturday training sessions left before the October 15th Pre-Test.  You'll be arranging most of your filming in the last two weeks of your journey - about 4 weeks from now.  Now is the time to get together with your partners and talk about times that are good for group practice and group filming.  Think about getting time slots at the dojo and Black Belt filming helpers lined up.  Instructor Marica will help you with any questions you have about this part of the process.

I know stress levels tend to rise as we enter the last phase of training.  Both mental and physical fatigue can set in as well.  This journey is about stretching you to your limits and beyond, learning about yourself and gaining confidence that you can overcome any obstacle you face in the future.  In other words, it is hard but worth it.  At the end you will be something completely new - a Black Belt.  Be proud of what you have accomplished so far and keep your head in the game by visualizing what being a Black Belt means to you.

I am in your corner and rooting for you,

Ms. Paige


Basic Training Guide for Candidates within 6 weeks of Pre-Test

- All 15 forms with technique 4 or 5 times physically a week (about 25 min a session)
- Focus work on individual form for check off
- Mentally running forms daily once or twice

Physical Requirements:

- One timed run each week
- Two endurance runs a week

- One timed set of 100 each week
- 100 additional 2xs a week focus on quality
- Day between 100s for muscle recovery

- 250 ab exercises 3 times a week

Round Kicks:
- 400 round kicks above line/top of foot 2 times a week
- 500 timed round kicks once a week

Board Breaks:
- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine for spacing / dynamics

- 2 or 3 sessions running all combinations with actual partners weekly
- Mentally running 2-3 times a week
- Continue to refine with feedback

Weapons Form:

- Practice with music 4-5 times a week to nail timing
- Mentally running daily
- Continue to refine with feedback

- Practice full time requirement (3 rounds 2 min each) 2 or 3 times a week

One-Step Questions for Saturday, 3 September

1. I have memorized all 15 of my forms and have practiced them physically 4 times this week and mentally reviewed 4 times this week.

***NOTE: You must do Question #1 to continue down the floor!***

2. I have Taeguek Ee, Sah and Yuk Jang checked off. (Due September 3rd)

3. I video taped myself doing the form I am working on, my board breaks, my weapons form and my self-defense (with partners) in the past week.

4. I have done 1 set of 50 perfect pushups, 20 second break, then a set of 30 perfect pushups - 3 times in the past week. 

5. I've done 20 Side-Plank Pushups (Pushup Position to Side Plank, Pushup to other side Plank = 1 set) 3 times this week.

6. I have done 425 round kicks on the bags 3 times in the past week.

7. I have done 25 crunches 5 ways (25x5=125 total crunches each session) 3 times in the past week plus 5 Elephant pose for a 10 second count (go to Downward Dog, drop your knees so you hover over the floor and shift your body forward so your shoulders are beyond your hands) and 5 boat pose for a 10 second count (get in a Crunchy Frog position then extend your hands out to your sides and straighten out your legs with toes pointed) this week.

8. I have done 2 training runs in the past week

9. I have my weapons form completed and memorized. (Due July 16th.)

10. I have at least 8 of my sparring classes checked off.

11. I have done three rounds of partner sparring - two minutes each with a 30 second break in between (total sparring time is 6 minutes) 2 times in the past week.  50% power and you choose if you want to gear up or not.

12. I have practiced my board break combinations 2 times over the past week.

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