Saturday, October 22, 2016

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 29th October

Just a quick reminder - Yoga class starts at 7:15AM.  This class is great for working on core, glute strenth and flexibility.  If you have heard things like "you need to kick higher, you need to lock out, you need better balance, you need to re-chamber at height or watch the bend in your knee" then this class will help you!  It is one of my favorite classes at the dojo so I'll see you there!

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 22 October

1. I have physically practiced Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang 3 times in the past week.

2. I have mentally reviewed Palchugi Il, Sam and Oh Jang 3 times in the past week - this can be saying the form out loud, writing it down or stepping through the form in your head.

***You MUST complete steps 1 and 2 in order to be eligible to continue down the floor and cross the Red Rope!***

3. I have all 3 curriculum forms memorized - meaning you can do the form on the floor alone without any long memory pauses and without any prompts.  (Test yourself by trying to do your forms facing a different direction!)

4. I video taped myself doing the form I am working on for check off and reviewed that form using the "
All Palchugi Forms - What needs to be there for check off" under the "How to get a form checked off" tab above.

5. I have done 10 perfect pushups 3 time in the past week.

6. I have done 35 Round Kicks on the bags 3 times in the past week.

7. I have done 2 training runs in the past week.

8. I have done 30 crunches and 5 bridges (feet and shoulders on the floor - lift your bum up as high as you can go and squeeze your glutes/hold for a slow 8 count) 3 times in the past 2 weeks.

9. My binder is set up with tabbed dividers for all my Black Belt requirements and I have note paper and a writing instrument.

10. I have declared my weapon choice for Black Belt.

11. I have written down two self-defense attack and counter combinations in my binder. (We are working on self-defense this time in BBC so use what you are doing in class to start writing up your self-defense combinations.)

12. My parents and I have read the two documents "How to Get a Form Checked off" and "All Palchugi Forms - What needs to be there for check off" located on the top tabs of this blog. I have printed out copies of these documents and put them in my binder.

13.  I created a "game plan" for each day I was at the dojo this week to make sure I was making progress on my One-Step questions this week.


Daisy Bakos said...

The date still says last Saturday, just making sure that this is for this coming saturday the 29th. Curious, what should we do if our bb candidate is going to miss this Friday and Saturday due to being out of town. I assume he should still do all the one step questions in full?
Also as a parent, am I needing to sign off on all his "progress" of the 1 step questions each week? I see the sheet of paper that has 3 columns, date parent sign and mrs. paige sign...what is this one for? sorry, new to this bb stuff.

Paige Dolecki said...

Hi Daisy - you are probably looking at the published date not the title of the One Step. Look at the title to see which Saturday you need. Yes, the students should try to get as many one steps done as possible even if they won't be attending class. It's about getting your training in more than the red rope. I like the parents to review with their kids the progress they make during the week so signing off is always good. Hope that helps and feel free to speak to me after class if you have any more questions!