Saturday, October 29, 2016

One Step Questions - Saturday, 5th November

Hey guys, we had several people come in today after class started.  My class starts at 8AM on the dot.  You should arrive with something in your belly, your gear bag fully packed with everything you need for Saturday classes and a small snack to have during a day full of training.  

Do your future self a favor and start your Saturday at Yoga class (the more limber you are the lower the risk of injury plus we do some GREAT core work) and go straight through to the regular classes.  Get used to doing a long 4-5 hour workout each Saturday and you'll get a good start at what the Pre-Test will feel like.  Push yourself.  Only YOU can tell if you are really working as hard as you can. 

One-Step Questions - Saturday, 5th November.

1. I have physically practiced all 6 Palchugi forms 3 times this week.

2. I have mentally reviewed all 6 Palchugi forms 3 times this week - this can be saying the form out loud, writing it down or stepping through the form in your head.

***You MUST complete steps 1 and 2 in order to be eligible to continue down the floor and cross the Red Rope!***

3. I video taped myself doing the form I am working on for check off and reviewed that tape three times:

- one time through for overall performance
- one time through focusing on foot placement/kicks/chambers
- one time through for hand chambers/strikes/timing/curls

4.  I have practiced my Joonbees in the mirror 10 times to the front and 10 times from both sides so I can see all my chambers 3 times this week.  Make sure each motion is a strike.  Think about punching the sky at your eye level on the first motion, second motion is elbows straight back with arms level at sides and no wrist curls, third step has you punching the ground off your body with wrists centered above your thighs and no wrist curls - foot steps out at precisely the same time as your third motion ends.

5.  I have practiced my front, round, back, ax and hook kicks this week, 10 kicks each for 3 sessions.
- Front kick - get your knee up, kick out straight with toe pointed and re-chamber at height.
- Round kick - kick to the line not over, re-chamber so your thigh is on the line and your foot goes back to your bum,
- Back kick - focus on knee up, foot with a good knife edge, extend all the way out so your joints form a single line and re-chamber your knee all the way to your side so it is almost touching your elbow.
- Ax kicks - focus on spotting high on the wall to keep your head stable, slow up and regular speed down, toe up on the upswing and down as you come down.
- Hook kicks - focus on knee up like a back kick with a pointed toe and good reach on your extension.

6. I have done 15 perfect pushups 3 times in the past week.

7. I have done 40 Round Kicks on the bags 3 times in the past week.

8. I have done 2 training runs in the past week.  One of the runs should be the full 1.5 miles.

9. I have done 10 crunches 5 ways (total of  50 crunches per session) 3 times in the past week.  See the tab at the top for how to do crunches 5 ways.

10. I have written down 4 self-defense attack and counter combinations in my binder. (We are working on self-defense this time in BBC so use what you are doing in class to start writing up your self-defense combinations.)

11.  I created a "game plan" for each day I was at the dojo this week to make sure I get across the line on Saturday.

12.  I have looked at one video of my chosen weapon to begin gathering ideas for special moves or tricks with my weapon.  See tab above for tips on creating a weapon form and sources to find good videos.

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