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General Class Information:

Class Starts at 8:00AM!  Please be a few minutes early to begin your warm up!

This class is designed to help you learn your forms at a Black Belt level.  We will focus on both current curriculum for check off as well as the full 15 forms required.  The faster you memorize all your forms the faster we can get to technique.

Check out my Forms tab above to print out my forms "cheat sheets", use the forms binder from the dojo or create your own set of cheat sheets.  

Please make sure you have something to eat prior to coming to class.  I recommend something light that has protein to sustain you through a morning of heavy exercise.  Protein bars worked well for me and I also recommend vitamin water (not caffeinated energy drinks) to alternate with plain water.  This will keep you hydrated and keep your energy up throughout the long morning.  I cannot stress enough that you are now training to be a top tier athlete, you must treat your body with respect and care to reflect that. 

My class begins promptly at 8:00AM and we start by reviewing the One-Step Questions.  For each question you have accomplished, you can take one step forward on the floor with the goal of getting across the red rope.  By doing these questions each week, you will be building towards your physical requirements, working slightly ahead of schedule on your board breaks, self-defense and weapons forms and incrementally improving your technique. If you commit to the questions it will help you succeed in reaching your ultimate goal of achieving your Black Belt and help you break up your training so you know exactly what you should be working on each week.
Class Expectations:

1.  You will come to class with something in your stomach.  People who don't generally can't keep up.

2.  You will arrive prior to 8:00AM with all your gear, binder, running shoes, snack and fluids for a full morning of training and ready for toes on the line AT 8:00AM.  I usually open the doors around 7:50AM. I highly recommend you stay through all the Saturday classes available - this will help build your endurance for the Pre-Test.

3.  You will practice all required forms on your own throughout the week for memorization.  Without memorization we cannot work on technique.  Eventually it will take 20-25 minutes to run all 15+ forms back to back.  My expectation is that you will physically do all your forms 3 to 5 times a week and run them mentally daily.

4.  You will give me your best when you are on the floor.  You should always look as good as when you are trying to get a form checked off.

5.  You will work on your fitness requirements throughout the week. 

Remember, all the current Black Belts are here to help you.  Good luck on your journey!

Ms. Paige

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